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Struggling with acute poverty and leading a drab, colorless
life, Diane Parker is suddenly hit with the mysterious death
of her husband, a stranger in the back yard, a dead body
next door and an attempted break in to her home. She has
no choice but to run for her life, and when the showdown
comes she has only her big old dog for protection.

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Escaping a brutal existence, two sisters set off
across the desert in search of a better life, but
are separated at the border. Both face terror and
danger and are not reunited for over a decade.
Fast paced, surprising, explicit and a terrifying
tale of courage and endurance.

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The fast paced suspenseful story of big-rig trucker Joe Barker and
Annie Deville, caught up in a scheme by terrorists and forced to help
them in their plot to kill hundreds of Americans. What will Annie have to
do in order to survive?

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A vicious killer is on the loose from Folsom prison. When young
Kathryn Lee Draper's parents die suddenly in a tractor accident,
she is left alone on a remote farm. But she has a secret weapon.

An odd transparent object formed by strings
that oscillate in multiple directions, including
time and space, and create a gravitational pull
through which she can pass into a new

And through which comes a remarkable big brown
protection dog, named Bear

Heartwarming and memorable

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Anxious to be a part of the science that promises to stamp out
famine in third world countries, Frank Maynor travels to India
with his biotechnology professor to study cotton crops. He
assures his long time sweetheart Lexi he will return at the end of
summer. Frank uncovers the horrifying consequences suffered
by the Vidarbha farmers who are forced to plant genetically
altered cottonseed. He organizes a revolt and leads a protest of
10,000 farmers against the powerful seed company and makes
excuses to Lexi for not returning to her. His deepening
involvement is not only with the farmers but a seductive Hindu
girl and a tiny slum child. Finally, as he agonizes over the choice
between the exotic Radika and his loyal sweetheart at home, he
realizes he may have lost everything.

A murder is committed on Halloween night across the
street from the home of Detective Steve Durand. A fun
evening erupts into multiple homicides and the detective
assigned to the case becomes so involved it is causing
his family to fall apart.

When his young son Davie finds evidence in the
neighborhood park he is thrown into harms way,and the
detective’s wife reaches her limit of endurance.

The case finally turns due to a slip of paper brought
home by Fat Sam the family cat, but it may be too late for
Detective Durand to save his family.

The murders escalate as scheming people jump into the
fray and plot against each other for the same prize, ten
million dollars for a forged Van Gogh masterpiece.

Secluded in his mansion on the third floor study, the
mastermind observes his minions as they carry out his
heinous crimes while all the time distancing himself from
any involvement or blame

mystery and suspense

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It is the year 2023, and America is in chaos.
Terrorists and gangs roam the country, tyrants
rule from Washington DC and militias meet in
secret, planning a coup.

A bomb destroys Amy’s town and her best friend
disappears. Haunted by her past and frightened
by the present, Amy runs from the ugliness.

Deeply in love with Amy, militia leader Don Baker
goes to extremes trying to pull her back into his
world, but she cannot overcome her fear and
disappears again. If they live through a country in
revolution will their love also survive?

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When terrorist's tanks roll over the land
destroying Isi's home and murdering a family
member she becomes a skilled fighter in the war
against jihad. Isolated on their California farm
her family and millions of Americans are
unaware of the serious evil gnawing at the roots
of their country.

As the thunder of war becomes deafening Isi
flees to find a place of safety leaving behind Will
her lover and a militia leader. She stumbles into
a camp in the mountains where terrorists have
invaded the town and are killing adults and
kidnapping children.

Can Isi rescue the children when being an
American makes her a target.?

Can Will and the militias save America?
                        The Stories

      For the very young, and the not so young.
       Saving  Grandpere

       The old Man and the Bird                       

       The Winter Frogs                                

       Finding the Rainbow                            

       New Shoes    (for children over 14)

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