Elizabeth’s love for animals is apparent in many of her novels as often a
beloved pet plays an integral part of the story. In
Eye of the Rabbit, it is
the fable about a courageous rabbit with one eye that propels young
Carly through extreme danger into adulthood. In
White Paper Roses it is
the heroin’s old dog Bo that she must rely on when she is alone and
faced with death, and of course without Fat Sam, the cat, the murder of
an innocent boy could not be solved in
Fat Sam and the Boy in the
George Bush Mask.
In the suspense novel, Good-Bye Apple Pie, it is Digger
the black lab that stays by Isabel's side and no one can forget Bear, the
awesome dog in
The Portable Hole.

Elizabeth's novels are books of human struggle, terror, and suspense
with unforgettable people doing extraordinary things despite
overwhelming odds.

Elizabeth is a native Southern Californian who grew up in Orange
County where she married and raised three sons while owning and
managing an escrow corporation. She moved to Northern California in
the early nineties with her two dogs and later to North Carolina where
she now lives with her cats Tom and Mitzy.  Elizabeth is the mother of
three sons and grandmother to nine grandchildren. She is a watercolor
artist and enjoys working as a part time wedding florist. She frequently
contributes her ultra-conservative political thoughts on blogs.

water color by
elizabeth dickman